My Work

In the year March 2002 I had done my Ph.D thesis with the title “Studies on effect of crude oil on a marine clam”. In the year June 2004 my Post Graduate Diploma in Education management dissertation was entitled as “A Study on the perception of degree college teachers towards Regulations of Fifth Pay commission”. And in the year Sept 1999 my MBA dissertation was entitled as “Application of Management Information System in Academic Institutions”.

Burial Response of Gafrarium Divaricatum

Comparative Studies on Acute Toxicity

Effects of Seasonal Ambient Temperature

Effects of Seasonal Changes

Histopathological Changes in the gill of clam

Impact of Globalization on UGC Regulated CHB

Relative Sensitivity of Marine Clams to Water

Some Facts About Breeding of Angel Fishes

Elphiston Conf Dr Donde

Female Foeticide

Relative Sensitivity of a Marine Clams to WSFs of Crude Oil

Histopathological changes in tissues of Dosinia fibula exposed to WSFs of crude oil

Changing educational spectrum and Governance due to internationalization in HE

Status of Higher Education in Indian institutes at the cross-roads of internationalization

Impact of Over-damming on biodiversity: A Study for sustainable measures

Constitution day at NK college

Case study presentation at IIM

Collector Meeting 28 Jan 2020

Jalnayak - Brief intro for book

Right to river act Tripura Workshop ppt 29 May 2020

Water bodies of Bhiwandi

World Environment day 5th june 2020



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