Taking Inspiration from the work of the First Water Man of India Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar & the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see”, our NGO has been dedicated for more than a decade to the cause of education, water conservation, river rejuvenation, health sanitation, women-child development, and the happiness of senior citizens.





Chairperson of SKECT & Jalnayak Govt. Of Maharashtra (Mumbai & Thane region),
Core Team Member of Indian Peninsular River Basin Council,
Advisory Broad Member of World Drought & Flood Commission,
Chief Research Officer, Govardhan Eco Village,
Member World Water Council,
Co-chairman Nature Environment Life Academy (NELA),
National Assessment and Accreditation Council Assessor,
Advisor Bio-enzyme Entrepreneur Academy of India &
An ardent Educationist, Environmentalist & Social reformer,
Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence by US State Education Department & IIE.



To reach every corner of the world to help and assist in community services for serving humanity with dignity and the principle of “Vasudev Kutumbakam”.


To serve rural & tribal communities for upliftment & livelihood
To work towards sustainable security by creating awareness, literacy & conservation towards Jal, Jungle & Jamin.

Our Objective:

  • Conducting Water & Forest literacy and training programs for capacity building and ownership feeling
  • Creating a legacy of Women Water Warriors
  • Mobilizing youth for rejuvenating water bodies and preserving biodiversity
  • Revamp Municipal and rural Education & establish Social Libraries
  • Ensure Women & Child safety and empowerment
  • Strengthening Senior Citizens in Care Center
  • Conduct health risk assessment in gram panchayat and city areas for apt Health & Sanitation facilities
  • Set up Action labs & create social entrepreneurs
  • Support authorities for good governance

What We Do

WWW Jalsanjeevani

Women Water Warriors Jalsanjeevani is dedicated to working towards river rejuvenation and revival of water bodies to conceptualize and practically realize ‘Jal Swaraj se Gram Swaraj’. We create livelihood opportunities in rural and tribal padas by working for mitigation measures through water literacy and creating mass awareness for atmosphere and capacity building at the local and national level. At the International level, we create advocacy against the corporatisation of water, which is a natural resource and be freely available.


Our focus is mainly on propagating the quality and standard of higher education and school effectiveness in municipal schools. We create social libraries, fund needy students, and provide aid for equipping them rightly. Training, grooming and career guidance are an integral part of education initiatives.

Health & Sanitation

We ensure proper sanitation measures and health risk assessment in the various villages of talukas in Vada, Palghar, Bhiwandi and Ambernath in the Thane district and across the country while we work on water initiatives. Regular follow-ups with the public health centers and doctors are carried out to ensure the availability of facilities timely. During the Covid pandemic and otherwise, we have created awareness and distributed necessary aid to the people in distress. We focus on the nutrition of pregnant women and children for ensuring a healthy life. We have also ensured that open defecation has been stopped and bio-remediation of grey water.

Women Empowerment and Girl-Child development

Women & girl-child are empowered with appropriate skills and support for their progression. Timely pieces of information are provided regarding policies, and schemes for grabbing the opportunities. In self-help groups, women are supported by bank loans and other facilities for their growth and development.

Senior citizen day care center and old age home facility

We ensure for the health, happiness and respectful life of the senior citizens. For engaging them in various activities indoor games, yoga, meditation, and outdoor visits are arranged as per the choices. In our center as per their interest and experience, inmates are allowed to involve in constructive activities like teaching, reading and accounting work. Regular health check-up camps are organized for senior citizens.

Impactful Stories

Ecological restoration of rivers has become very challenging which is same with the Kamavari river in Bhiwandi as it is the main lifeline of the city being the major water resource. The pollutants from the textile units, slaughterhouses, tabelas, etc. contribute to the pollution and largely encroachments and siltation due to obstruction to the regular flow are diminishing the river as a whole. Integration of saline water has affected groundwater too.

Yamuna river is polluted beyond imagination due to the callous attitude of the authorities and public ignorance. Hence the Yamuna can be seen across Agra city converted into a Dhobi Ghat and garbage dumping site. Agricultural lands also are gradually being converted into brick furnaces which are causing huge carbon emissions presently and these practices on land are just to benefit builder lobby in future for constructions. Such loosing of agricultural lands and pollution of the Yamuna and other major rivers is damaging the sustainability of Indians.

Appeal to Donors

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